IT Audits

 The IT audit is a control activity aimed at evaluating the use of information technologies and the level of information security exercised within an organization.

It allows to have an objective and independent assessment regarding the processes, services, applications, infraestructure and information, identifying the main business risks related to IT, the result of omissions due to ignorance and possible control weaknesses.

In DW Software we analyze the level of compliance with the criteria defined by organizations and rate the performance of information technologies within their key business processes to determine a solution scheme.


Service optimization

It allows you to verify that your IT services are at the level that your organization needs to operate properly.

Capacity increase

Strengthening and increasing business capabilities.

Proactive planning

In addition to increasing and strengthening its processes, your company will avoid possible losses, costs or expenses that may arise due to errors that the organization has not detected.

Total protection

It will eliminate any vulnerability in your processes, protection against any risk or impact that may affect your productivity.

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